PUCRS São Lucas Hospital (HSL) develops actions in health care, education and research. It pursues self-sustainable growth and seeks to contribute to improve the quality of life and health of the community. The HSL is also a space at the University for academic practices and for production of knowledge in health. Such a synergy between the community and the university, by means of actions in health, guarantees the training of students who can act to meet diverse social demands and increase the contribution of HSL for society.


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  • Highlights

    Inpatient Admissions 27,547
    Appointments 362,834
    Exams 2,552,534
    Surgeries 20,633
    Births 3,160
    Patients attended in Urgency/Emergency 138,693
    Exams made in 2013 2.552.534

Origin of the public attended

Demand for Care (patient-day)


• Entrance of the São Lucas Hospital in Pró-Residência, a program promoted by the Ministry of Education and Health, allowing access to scholarships granted by the Federal Government, which, at present, represent approximately 30% of the 176 Medical Residence scholarships at the Hospital.

• Implementation, at the Hospital, of the Program of Multiprofessional Residence in Health (Premus), with support of 30 scholarships of the Pró-Residência program, developed in partnership with the Nursing, Physiotherapy, Nutrition, Psychology, Social Work, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Medical Physics and Physical Education programs.


• Strengthening of the Clinical Trials modality at the institution by means of actions developed by the Clinical Research Center of the São Lucas Hospital, promoting a closer relationship between the Pharmaceutical Industry and Care Services related to each project and stimulating other services to enter the modality. Currently, 17 services develop 198 projects.


PUCRS São Lucas Hospital Program for Humanization acts through a Humanization Committee, one of the tools of the National Policy for Humanization of Health Care and Management in SUS – HumanizaSUS.

Examples of its actions are: patient admission with risk stratification in the Emergency Room; collective ambiance-building; qualified listening system for users; Health Care Training and Work Program; and activities to promote quality of life and health care for workers.

Holidays bring joy to children in the pediatrics department

Along the year, the area of Humanization of São Lucas Hospital has brought several moments of fun to children in the Pediatrics Department, which were organized by the Recreation Sector.

MARCH – Easter Party with storytelling by scholarship holders in the Children's Literature and Pediatric Medicine Project, of the School of Letters, and distribution of candy baskets.

OCTOBER – To celebrate Children's Day, around 40 patients watched a puppet show and Ruth Rocha's adaptation of Romeo and Juliet. Music, ball pool, snacks and gifts completed the fun.

DECEMBER – Promotion of the 10th Children's Book Fair. The patron of Porto Alegre's and HSL's book fairs, Luís Augusto Fisher, told stories and had a book signing session.



Sustainable laundry services

The São Lucas Hospital has founded, along with six other hospitals in the Capital, the Association of Hospitals of Porto Alegre, in order to create the Industrial Plant of Textile Cleaning. The plant is composed by a laundromat in an 11-hectare area, purchased in 2013, and it has contributed to increase productivity, optimize costs and rationalize resource usage. The pursuit of sustainability in the HSL has been kept along the years and the shaping of its concept embodies environmental, social, and economic aspects.

  • Highlights

    Industrial Plant of Textile Cleaning
    11 hectares
    24/7 service
    26 tons/day of textiles cleaned
    78% of water reuse
    300 jobs generated